Friday, August 8, 2014

3 Different Kinds of Riders

There are 3 different type of riders. I bring this up because my boyfriend doesn't understand how I can gallop Twister though open fields and jump him fearlessly over everything but can't get on our 3 year old stud colt without issues.

The reason is that I am rider type number 1: I have to really feel a bond with a horse before I can do anything with them. And I prefer to only ride the horses I feel bonded to. I am not like rider type number 2, which is someone that can get on and ride absolutely anything. Trainers and exercise riders are these people. A lot of cowboys are these people.

Being number 1, I could ride any horse, I'm just not comfortable with it and really don't enjoy riding just any horse. Each person becomes this kind of rider for different reasons. Maybe you rode your boss' horses growing up but she only have 6 so you only learned to deal with 6 different personalities and issues. Maybe you grew up riding all kinds of horses, but they were mostly school horses and you never learned how to deal with different issues while you were young and brave. For some people it's because they came into the game later in life. I'm the middle reason. I hardly ever rode a problem horse growing up. Now I wish I had. Rocky the Horse was the biggest problem horse in my instructor's barn and all he did was get hot and run off. Well, Twister does that too. So I know I can handle that. In college I rode some OTTBs and learned a few more issues, but nothing compared to those people that can ride anything and feel right at home.

I can name on maybe less than 2 hands the horses in my life I've felt really bonded with. Major, Stewart, Stolen Thunder, Twister, Fatass (So So Worth It). Wow. That's one hand. Not that there haven't been others I've really likes and ridden successfully.... like Lu. Lu was nicknamed Lucifer because she was evil. I didn't always enjoy riding her and while I rode her for a whole year, we never bonded..... we tolerated each other and came to an understanding which led me to never getting dumped in a hayfield.  And while I LOVE fatass and think he and I would make an awesome show team someday, he is definitely  my boyfriend's horse. The bond I have with that horse is NOTHING compared to the bond that Sergio has with him. And I already basically stole Twister from him  and it wouldn't be right to steal another horse! :P

I envy those people that can get on any horse and ride it successfully and get it to do what needs to be done. The little man is a perfect example of this. We put him in training but found out quickly he'd never be a racehorse. The next year I started riding him. The year after I started doing more, jumping and dressage. I hated riding that horse. It was always a fight and we just didn't click. I could hardly ever get him to do anything and if I did it was a headache. But Sergio could get on him and make it look easy. Jumping and flying changes and becoming round and on the bit. He made him look awesome.

Some people do best with problem horses. It wakes them up and hones their skills. For me it depends on the issue. And I like to fix as many issues on the ground as I can. Some riders can work miracles no matter if they work with the horse on the ground or in the saddle.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of any kind of horse. I have handled, from the ground, just about every single type of horse you could think of. Literally. And have done it with complete success. But put me in the saddle, and I have to click. I don't know why. It's just the way it it.

I almost forgot!!! The third group of riders include those who rent old nags to trail ride for a day and those people who think they are professional trainers and riders but have NO business being near horses.

And remember, no matter what kind of rider you are, Mind Your Melon!!!!!

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