Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Too Broke to Show

I am dying to go to a show! However, I have been virtually jobless since December. That and I haven't had much time to ride lately....

Twister had pretty much 3 weeks off in July. But before that he was awesomeness. He was doing great dressage work and could have done first level tests. He was jumping over 2 ft easily, getting his leads and jumping without dragging me. The first time I got on him since his 3 weeks off (3 weeks off due to me studying not due to anything wrong with him) he was an ass. Galloping so strong he could have given our racehorse a run for his money. But after that he settled right back in to work. I've ridden him 3 days in a row and I couldn't be happier. He picked his dressage skillz right back up where he left off and jumping nicely. He's fat and a bit out of shape but that won't take too long to fix. And I seriously would love to go to just ONE show before the year is out. I start my new job on September 1st so maybe I can go to the show in October???

On the other hand, I'm having saddle fit issues...again. I am borrowing a friend's saddle. I had it reflocked but it still seems to be pinching Twister and making him hollow his back. I am going to try some different pads under it and see if that helps. My other friend's saddle is a little bit of a wider gullet and fits us both nicely. But the first saddle fits me best. I was really hoping I could get it to fit Twister. If nothing else I will buy the 2nd friend's saddle. My own saddle no longer fits my tukas and the flaps are not forward enough for my long upper leg. Not if I ever planning on jumping anyways.

On another note, the racehorse raced again Saturday. He came in 3rd and we're all very proud of him!

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