Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow Day

I am going to apologize in advanced for the number of photos in this post. I like to fancy myself a photographer and it was just so pretty Saturday morning here with the fresh snow.

So it snowed in KY on Friday night. Everyone freaked out. Half the state ended up in a ditch. I stayed home. Not because I can't drive in snow. Let me remind you I learned to drive in a Buffalo, NY winter then spent 4 winters driving around Cobleskill, NY where you were guaranteed several feet of snow per storm. I stayed home because southern goofballs that can't drive in snow SCARE ME. Literally, we had like 5 inches of snow...........

asscrack of dawn with fresh snow. really pretty actually, but now I'm done and ready for 80 degrees and sun!

fatass was not impressed

trying to look cute. actually a little cranky about the snow. no fun to roll
when you don't get muddy!

puppy's first REAL snow. He LOVED it

because my dogs think they are horses....

Roader doesn't let the horses get away with anything!

Saturday afternoon the girls and I went for a trail ride. The snow was starting to turn to mud, but it was still a pretty ride. Twister only bucked once and only tried to bolt and run off with me twice. Not bad considering I hadn't ridden since Sunday! He was freaking beat when we got home though, from walking and prancing in all that mud.

And his feet are getting so much better! The tricks I mentioned previously are working and his cracks are healing! I'm doing my happy dance. Also I got sport boots for him that will actually fit and stay on while jumping. Didn't ride in them on Saturday though because I knew we were going in the creek and I didn't want the boots to freeze to his legs.........

2 months ago


poor twister is so bored. he wants to DO THINGS


  1. Love the pics! Makes me want to go play in the snow :)

  2. your dogs are so cute - love the one of them playing with the horses haha. glad Twister's feet are doing well too!

  3. Love the dogs playing in the snow!