Wednesday, October 7, 2015

September into October

I had this planned for this weekend and I keep forgetting to take confo shots. But I've decided it's pointless. Pony is very very fat. I kept putting his muzzle on, but right now he's out almost all day and all night and it was rubbing his precious little pony face.... so I'm just letting him get fat. He loses weight when the temps drop to subzero anyways so extra fat isn't so bad.

I didn't have any real set goals for increasing skills or performance. Mostly I just wanted to make it through my first trimester with any energy left. I'm almost there. While my appetite is back with a vengeance, my energy level is still working on it!

So did I even do any of the goals for September?
1. Find time for my person and I to take that trail ride at the lake - sort of happened. We've ridden a few times together, but haven't gone to the lake yet.

2. get more creative with trot pole work. - did not happen. I've only been riding once or twice a week and gave up on asking for actual work from Twister because one ride a week is not reinforcement of a lesson.

3. Before it's too late and I'm giant, strengthen my sitting canter. Also did not happen. I've cantered like 2 times this month.

4. Hire some help.... aka M.... and get the barn all cleaned up and ready for winter. Also did not happen. M has been dealing with some stuff and also hasn't had energy for much. M, Sergio and I did get the hay loft stacked though. Mostly I just stood on the hay wagon and shoved bales off it with my feet so I didn't have to lift much.

I also started another blog for pregnancy/mom stuff. If anyone reading my blog is a horse mom and wants to check out my new blog, here's the link
For the rest of you who are still allergic to tiny humans, I won't be offended if you don't check it out :P

from a week ago or so. does not do the fatness justice


I really don't have any riding goals. I'm hoping as I get into my 2nd trimester I'll get more energy back and I can ride a little more. Twister has gotten super fat. Even if we only go down the road or do the perimeter on my neighbors hay field in the evenings..... It's good exercise for me and Twister definitely needs it.

Still need to get the barn ready for winter. I'm going to have to beg M to come help me soon.

Go through winter blankets. Figure out what fits who now that we've played musical horses and which need to be sent to the dry cleaners to fix and which won't be needed and can be boxed up. (I'm terrible about putting blankets away in the spring so they are just all laying over stall doors all over the barn......)

DO TWISTER'S FEET. This is one the short list. Like to asap. I almost want to call the pro in to do his feet because they are a mess again and I just did them like 2 weeks ago. Grrrr.

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  1. haha poor fat Twister - i'm sure he's happy to lose the muzzle tho. hopefully you get a little more energy and can hack out a little bit more (should you so desire) :)