Thursday, October 1, 2015

Crazy and Wild Ponies!

Dumb and dumber..... I mean Twister and Rascal have been in the barn once in the last 5 or 6 days. It rained pretty hard the last 2 days so they got to go muzzle free because I feel like it's Chinese water torture to leave muzzles on in the rain.

Anyways. Today I bring them in for their daily handful of grain while D ate breakfast. I turned D out in the back paddock with all the good grass and then went back and got the other two. When I turned them loose in their paddock they were freaking nuts. D mostly just watched, unimpressed with their antics. I love watching them be crazy. Twister almost never has it in him. But it's chilly and windy this morning and that makes ponies crazy!

whatevs, ya'll are stupid

frisky puppy too! want's to play tug!

pedro: leave, human. you're not needed
roader: mom never leave meee!


  1. Hahah Pedro and Roader sound like the dog/cat family at my house for sure!

  2. lol i love that the TB is the 'sedate' one in this circus :D