Monday, April 25, 2016


Well my due date was yesterday and I am still pregnant. I keep having dreams about riding horses. Though they are never about riding my horse.... So I am officially overdue and more than ready to have this baby.

Sunday E came and trimmed both the boys for me. Hopefully by the time they need to be done again I can give it a go... even if it's one hoof a day.... They both really needed it. Twister the most. Rascal's grow out but he doesn't flare or anything. Hardly little appy feet!

giving me some 'tude

I finally found a flysheet for Rascalpants too. Should be here in a couple days. Just in time too. Flies are getting bad here and I picked like 8 ticks off Rascal the other day. I'm guessing he lays down and sleeps in the grass more than Twister because Twister only had a couple. The grass isn't even long yet. So annoying.

groomed ponies

They also both got groomed REALLY well on Friday. I deshed enough hair off them to make a Shetland pony. And they both need to be hit again before I throw fly sheets on them. I cut off Twister's feathers. Apparently he's half draft horse? And cut bridle paths and brushed out their long, wild manes. They both need serious TLC on their tails but that involves bath time and I don't have energy to bathe 2 big horses. Rascal has gotten taller. He looks so good!

Looks like a dinosaur......

And finally.................

Literally any time now. If I could go into labor RIGHT now I would not be happier!


  1. I don't know how you are still hanging in there, but you are almost there! And you still look awesome!

  2. ooooh boy, so close!!!!! good luck!!! :D

  3. I totally get this feeling!! I'm partially convinced a huge storm that went through started my labor--so wishing you all the thunderstorms!

    1. Stormed last night and more coming today. Only she's not allowed to make a move now until after 7pm. My person is racing the big horse in Indiana and I need him at least on his way home. He's my labor coach!