Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I Want to Ride My Horse!!!

PSA, this post is boring. Lol.

So Mom was supposed to drive down today and help me watch Sianna so I could have a few minutes to myself every day before I go back to work. Which meant first thing tomorrow morning I would have been on a horse (it's not that I don't have time to ride, it's that I never have anyone here long enough to watch Sianna while I ride). Well, now she's driving down tomorrow. I'll still have Friday to ride and maybe my person and I can ride Monday morning before we cook out.

He REALLY needs to get on Rascal. It's been like 9  months since that kid's been ridden.

Even though it's been super hot, I've needed barn time. I put Sianna in the sling and we go in the stalls, under the fans with her horsies and we've been grooming them. I said I was going to let Twister go wild this summer but I lied. I'm going to start riding again, even just once or twice a week, and I hate the long mane. HATE IT. I grew up riding hunters and then spent a few years and the track then eventing...... you pull manes! It's ingrained in me to hate long manes. I'd pull Rascal's too but I've promised I wouldn't touch him.

before, the wild western ranch horse look

after. the gentlemanly, english horse look
Baby girl and I spent 2 days pulling Twister's mane, soaking both boys' tails in showsheen and brushing out the wind knots and combing through Rascal's mane. They both look pretty snazzy now. Ok, so snazzy might be an overstatement. But they're respectable and well-cared-for looking....

before being treated to tlc, the wild dingo on the chase
I'm also trying to get in shape a little bit... pushing a baby in a stroller through a mowed hay field is great exercise. FEEL THE BURN. I need legs that will keep me on frisky ponies!!!!!!

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