Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year and All That

I haven't posted in a while because nothing has happened post-worthy.... at least as it relates to horses anyways. It's been about 2 months since I've been on a horse. Way. Too. Long. We've been working on the barn and have the poly in the eurosizer but none yet in the barn and my person already scraped out all the dirt that was in there. So now I have to wait until we put the poly in the shed row. Which means it has to warm up enough to 1-be able to get one more load (so it can't be frozen) and 2-warm up enough to turn on the stupid bobcat thing that never freaking works.......

2 hour trail ride in early Nov. My first long ride since the baby!
Twister was awesomeeeee

Perpetually starving and can't go 2 hours with out
eating something!

after the ride, SJ got pony rides on Lily

Twister of course feels neglected and unloved. He especially hates this cold weather and the snow, all 3" of it that's basically blown away already.

handsome <3

Dr Philan has been at Turfway. He raced New Years Eve and was pulled up and the jockey couldn't even explain why he did that. We're thinking he might have bled a bit and quit running. But at Turfway at 10pm you can't even get a vet to scope your horse. He is racing again Friday. Our little Canadian horse is super cute though, and a pisser.

Curtis is still on stall rest, especially when it's cold. He walks in the machine and goes back up in his stall. He's not a fan. But it's the only to way to make sure he lets his tendon heal. It LOOKS really good. but that doesn't mean it's healed.

I have MLK day off and I am really hoping maybe E and I can go for a ride if the weather doesn't totally suck. I need saddle time for my mental sanity.

practicing ;)


  1. Ahhh that last pic is the cutest! <3 Happy new year!

  2. Happy new year - it's good to hear an update!! Glad twister is doing well and that things are chugging long. Hope you can get the footing figured out and back in the saddle asap!!

  3. Hope you get to ride soon, also Happy New Year.