Thursday, March 9, 2017

Twister is Middle-Aged

Happy Birthday to my big horse, a whopping 13 years old today. He is now free to have a mid-life crisis.

I've ridden a couple times in the last week and it all comes down to this lesson, get the hell off my leg. Other than that he's been pretty good. After riding today I can tell the PT I've been doing is actually helping. (Pelvic floor PT). It's nice that so many of the exercises to strengthen my damaged pelvic floor muscles are also those which are going to give me so awesome riding legs.

bareback on a muddy pony

we all look ridiculous but we are having fun!

 We haven't done too much in the way of work. I just want him to move off my leg and to follow my hands. He's actually been pretty good about following my hands. It's my leg he's always leaning on because he's lazy and fat. But there isn't much point in making him do too much or getting after him too much because the weather around here can't make up it's mind so I might ride 3 times one week and not ride again for 3 weeks...........

working on that top line
birthday boy ride

"dog" she says hahaha
right now everything with 4 legs
is a dog