Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Over did it

This week is the 1st dry warm entire week in years (ok well months...) and I did too much the 2nd day and have to give Curtis a few days off now.

2 days ago I decided getting out of the arena and having a little gallop would be fun. We did walk trot gallop trot walk repeat 4 or 5 x for 30 minsand had a nice long walk to cool out and a splash in the pond. Yesterday his back end was clearly sore. I feel bad. But it's nothing serious and he'll live. I gave him bute yesterday and am buying some higher protein grain to help with his muscle building and soreness as we get back into serious workies again.

I should work Twister out a bit while Curtis has a few days off. And SJ and I rode double on Rascal yesterday for a long time. She loved it and all the splashing in the pond.

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