Friday, March 29, 2019

Day off the farm

One of my goals before show season was to get off farm several times. Yesterday we made it off farm for the 1st time. Curtis has been sore in his back end so we had a week off.

We decided to take a family trip out to Masterson Station in Lexington. It was warm and the sun was out. Everyone trailered well. Everyone stood tied to the trailer well. There was stuff going on, just enough to give them something to look at but not at all crazy like a show.

Sj and Rascal did awesome being ponied by my person. We rode for almost 2 hours and she still didn't want to get off when we were back at the trailer. She didn't have any legs when she tried to stand up though lol.

We all had a little problem at the stream and water jump which is ridiculous on all their parts. Especially Twister who acted like an idiot and knows better and has galloped through all that with me last summer.

By the 2nd time around though they all had their shit together. We all walked or trotted iver small xc jumps and walked up the little bank and walked or trotted over xrails. And I took curtis in a dressage arena and did some flat work. The sand footing wore him out. He walk-trotted well but didn't want to canter. We did canter up a big hill though. He was so level-headed the whole time and we spent most of the time on a loose rein.

No media of mom 💁

Where was this horse in November? Can I please have this horse again in April??