Friday, July 5, 2019


Besides my bulk bag of super cheap magnesium oxide (for getting a chill pony), I've been thinking about adding some supplements to his tiny handful of grain. I ended up going the smartpak route and getting smart dark & handsome for his orange summer coat and the smart tendon for the heat he's been carrying in it the last month or so. I just got all the stuff in the mail today and I'm super excited. And thanks to being a smart perks member I got him some neoprene-free Majyk boots (for protecting his legs without adding more heat when he gets stupid on outings) which were on clearance with an extra code to boot (pun intended) and free shipping because smart perks. So seriously the free shipping on anything is probably going to get me in trouble..... $80 boots for $35. Honestly who wouldn't?

Orange gelding
sporting mare-glare

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