Sunday, September 27, 2015


And he was awesome! We went down the road with E and Ruby. Both ponies hadn't been ridden in a while but both were on their best, red-headed behavior. Then on the way back down the road toward our farms someone shot a canon at us. Well.... that's what it sounded like anyways. Both horses spooked. Ruby took off and Twister leaped but didn't bolt which shocked the hell out of me. I fully expected to be half way home by the time I got him under control. But he was really level-headed about it.... for a spook. We were all a little shook up. Leave it to rednecks to blow shit up in their back yards.....

Twister: I luvvvv youuu
Ruby: Don't. Touch. Me.

no ride for  3 weeks and we went down the road in a snaffle.

yay! riding!

Twister is super fat. And has no topline. Which makes me want to cry. He was so gorgeous 6 weeks ago. And now the topline is all bleh. When I told my person I was going riding today he was like "Wow! Really?" because he knows I've been exhausted and sick for the last 6 weeks. It felt so good to just hack down the road though! I'm hoping I can ride again tomorrow!

fat ponies.... i hate to muzzle them. they will need
their fat soon

lacking in topline and tummy muscles

And our new boy got to stay out all day today. He was very happy to be decked out in a flysheet and fly mask and have a huge field to himself. He is such a good boy.

little bumpies

And then the two fat fatties beg for cookies...

COOKIEZ! We are starving to death!

no cookiez?! biotch.


  1. Aww their nosese are so sweet, I want to give them a cookie! (Guess this solves the mystery of why my horses are so fat)

    Sounds like you had a great ride :)

  2. aww yay for riding! love the pics too haha