Monday, December 21, 2015

Birthday Pictures!

And by pictures I mean WIN PICTURES!! Dnieper, the little Giant's Causeway we claimed back in September pulled out his first win for us. One hell of a stretch run!!! He loved being challenged down the stretch. Like "come at me, bro! you can't take me, bitch!"

pretty much the best bday a girl could ask for

And then just because I never shared the photo or video from Curtis, here's his from a couple weeks ago. He ran like shit Saturday. Like didn't run. Came back to the barn like he'd just gone out for a gallop which is basically all he did. He was all nerves in the paddock and the jockey said he was nerves in the gate and during the race too. Owell. We're going to run him back soon. We know he's better than that.


  1. Your boys like close finishes to get their wins!

    1. Yea! Scares the crap out of me! Makes for a good show but c'mon! Win by a mile already!

  2. aw congrats tho on the wins!