Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Wish List

I really didn't plan on doing this post this year. I'm not riding much and don't plan on showing at all next summer so I figured I didn't need any horse things.... what a joke! You ALWAYS need more horse things!!!

My adorable little psychopants puppy ate one of my flexi spurs. Like chewed it down to half like it was a damn Nylabone. So I'd like a new pair of those. They are perfect for when you need a little push but don't feel like getting bucked off.

and maybe I want a colorful pair this time around....

On my list is also a new jumping and dressage saddle. Though I know it'll be a while before I can even shop for those... my pregnancy ass barely fits in my western saddle let alone my English saddle right now, as big as the seat is in that saddle. Boo.
stolen from google
I'd also like a pair of sport boots for Rascal. I actually think I'm going to buy a pair this week. Sure, he won't get ridden hardly at all if any until spring. But the more we do with him the more he'll need them.

twister has the purple pair in a giant size
so they can be red hat ladies together lol
Rascal also really needs a saddle that fits him (and my person) better. But that's my person's deal. I think we're going to look for one this winter or spring. Rascal is a total beefcake. More beefy through his shoulders and back that even my large monster fatty, Twister. So a giant ass stock saddle is needed. The saddle he is using now used to be Twister's and it is the most uncomfortable piece of crap ever. It gave Twister sore withers and me a sore ass. Hate it. Twister's synthetic western saddle almost fits Rascal but my person thinks it's an ugly saddle and that it makes his horse look bad lol. Whatevs.


  1. i like those spurs! and would also like a new jump saddle for christmas lol... and yea just bc you're not showing doesn't mean you don't need *stuff* - we alllllwayyyys need moar haha

    1. They are the best spurs and don't mark up your boots like metal ones sometimes do. And they fit over my Ariat Terrains for when I'm trail riding or over my winter boots.

  2. You forgot a tiny saddle for the tiny being you are carrying ;)

    1. That's on next year's list :P She'll be 8 months old next Christmas and walking by spring and therefore ready to ride....right? lol