Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Photos and Asshat Ponies

Ok well really Twister was the only one being an asshat. This year he decided he did NOT want to dress up for Christmas photos. He said fuck Christmas. He's not in the Christmas spirit!

I got him all dressed up. He was looking fantastic. But then I jumped on bareback to take the photos with the selftimer on my camera and he got all frisky on me. Crowhopping and wheeling. I had to bail. What an asshat.

already getting the stink eye
So I got after him and sacked him out with the tree skirt and made him walk around with it on his head. And he'd messed up his mane bows so bad I had to take them out.

We did the rest of the photos on the ground.....

He still wasn't too thrilled but that's just too damn bad.

A few days before we took these I got some with him and baby Rascal.

super hero pose!

loves me a cute lil chestnut

And then after our highly eventful Christmas photos I went riding with E down the road. Twister was really mostly good. I didn't make him go down the road in his Christmas gear because it would have affected his apparently very fragile ego.....


being attacked by wild dingos!
fuck pictures. eat food.
Merry Christmas, bloggerville!!!


  1. haha awwwwww i love the antlers!! sorry he was such a grinch, Rascal looks adorably happy tho!

    1. Rascal had NO idea what was going on but he didn't seem to mind the torture.

  2. Ha! The look on his face is priceless. Totally not amused with these shenanigans.

  3. These are so awesome!!! Love them all!!