Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gettin' His Feet Did

This post is a little late.... 2 weeks ago E trimmed Twister for me. I would love to continue trimming him myself. But let's face it.... I can't even bend over to tie my shoes anymore. She said she'd be more than willing to trim him until I can start again....sometime this summer probably.

I let her get pretty aggressive because his feet were a freaking mess and soooo long. I'm not riding much and when I do I use the Easy Boots. Also the ground is soft. He hasn't even seemed sore from the trim, which makes me feel better about getting aggressive.

before trim ugliness

The plan is for her to come back once a month and keep up with them. Also, we need to squeeze Rascal in there somewhere. His feet wear really well and don't grow at the light speeds that Twister's do so I've gotten away without trimming him for a long time. But it probably wouldn't hurt to give him the once over.

Also, I went to the feed store last week and bought some Essential K. Twister is going back on it. I really don't think Rascal needs it, so I probably won't give it to him. Rascal can canter across my stone driveway without flinching. He has hard little appy feet.

after trim


  1. Nice tidy feet! It's always good to have a back up trimmer :)

  2. glad you have someone who can do it for you :)