Sunday, August 21, 2016


I had planned to write a post about my boring ass horses and how even when I was throwing things at them they wouldn't run or buck or do anything exciting. No lie. Twister just looked at me like "bitch please."

side eye from Twister....

But I was scrolling Facebook when we got in the house and I saw that a horse show friend just did her first BN on her daughter's mare. Remember the badass show mom that made the UK riding team girls put the jumps back to the height they were actually supposed to be at? Her. Her daughter has been taking some time off. So she's been stepping up her game and has gone up from Starter to BN this summer in only a few weeks.

I've been really missing riding. Especially on days like today when there is low humidity and a nice breeze. But if she can get back into riding after her daughter is grown and get her confidence back after years out of the show ring, I can too. Right now my whole life is raising my daughter. Someday I'll be a horse show mom and give her riding lessons. And someday, when the time is right, no matter how much time has passed, I'll start riding competitively again.

I'm not so worried about it anymore. Seeing how awesome my friend looked in those pics from her first BN today, where she came home with a shiny yellow ribbon I might add, inspired me. I can come back at any age and still kick ass.

Not that I won't ride. We'll all ride together. All 3 of us. And I have been pony shopping for Sianna. Yes, I know I said no ponies. But suddenly I have this little girl and I realize as amazing as Twister is, he is a loooooong way to the ground. I will need even just a 20 minute ride now and then for sanity's sake.

she loves sitting on the horsie <3


  1. Awesome to be feeling motivated like that. And I agree completely. In our area especially you see riders of all ages and walks of life still cantering around cross country at various levels. Definitely inspiring!

  2. Love seeing other people succeed! Hooray for pony shopping :)