Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Synthetics - A tack cleaning avoidance strategy

Yesterday after my ride I hosed down my comfy synthetic tall boots. I've had to ride in them the last couple months because my paddock boots crapped out on me...... but now they are gorgeous. So easy. Just hose them down. My western saddle, all nasty and dusty, just hose down. So why am I still riding in a leather English saddle?

stupid leather saddle that has to be wiped down every
day because of the stupid mold. stupid humidity.

All my tack is in an insulated room and yet it's all moldy! Freaking humidity! It's a pain in the ass enough to have to clean my bridles because they don't make synthetic Micklems, because that would be cheap and shitty looking. But I seriously need to sell this crap saddle I don't like anyways and find myself a synthetic English saddle. I'm not even that picky!...as long as my ass fits in it... An old Wintec CC would be great. But I am so over cleaning tack! Tack I am hardly using but is forever getting nasty!!

"this saddle is a bit big for me, mom!"


  1. i honestly have loved some of the wintecs i've sat in. tho my mare's last one did me exactly zero favors position wise... thorowgood also has some nice quality synthetics or hybrids