Thursday, September 15, 2016

Breeding vs No Breeding

I have posted Dnieper on Craigslist and Canter. I have said in BOTH ads "a breeding home is not an approved home". But the only calls I get are for people wanting to stand him. I get his bloodlines are pretty great, the lines on his dam's side are pretty rare even. But you no speak any English????

Some off the calls are pretty sketchy and I'm pretty sure he'd end up as dog meat if I followed through on any of them. But some are totally legit homes. Homes where he'd be well cared for. One where he'd even get to trail ride now and then.

After a month off he's actually looking awesome and we are toying with the idea of giving him the winter off and racing him in the spring. But we'd cut him next month if we did that. Effectively putting an end to breeding inquiries.....

Our for pleasure home price and our breeding home price are different mostly because the no breeding home price is basically just an adoption fee. Either way we are taking a huge loss on him. Are his bloodlines going to be such a huge loss to Thoroughbreds? Probably not.


  1. I can understand people's desires but there are a ton of nicely breed thoroughbred's out there too!

  2. Re-homing horses is super frustrating. I hope the perfect (non-breeding) home comes along soon :)

  3. Haha ppl basically never read, at least that's my general impression. Good luck!