Monday, September 5, 2016


I cantered on Twister this morning. For all of 2 minutes but I cannot even begin to tell you how happy it made me! It was the first time I've cantered since last October or so. It was invigorating! I felt like a little kid cantering in a lesson for the first time. We cantered a bit on both leads until Twister cantered out of his Easyboot. I hardly even peed myself. Sorry if that's TMI but it's the whole reason I haven't cantered in the 2.5 months I've been riding again. Those of you that have kids will understand. It happens. According to my bestie you'll pee a little when you sneeze for years after. Kegals only do so much. But anywaysssssss.................

I look ugly but omg I was having so much fun

her luvs riding horsies!

And then my person rode Rascal for the first time in a whole year. No, seriously. It was Labor Day weekend last year the last time he was ridden. He did great too! Stood to be mounted and walk trot canter like he's been ridden every day.

Oh, and Curtis didn't finish well on Saturday in his race. E came with me and the baby and she took some awesome pics. Curtis ran a really good race for not having done anything in over 2 months. We knew he was in over his head but sometimes you just need a race!

Da Money Man and baby girl's Abuelo


  1. Yay for cantering! Literally nothing beats that feeling - so glad you got to enjoy it! Bummer about Curtis tho, but he looks super handsome in all his race attire!