Wednesday, September 14, 2016

You get what you pay for

So this came across my mind as I was washing all the winter things that have been hanging on the pegs on the wall getting musty. I have an Ariat vest that I have owned probably since my 2nd year in college. So like 8 years? It's my favorite. I didn't get to wear it last winter because I was a cow. But It still is in fabulous shape despite how much I wear it. It cost me probably about $50 when I originally bought it.

the vest, 2009
The point is, there is a reason horse people don't go to Wallyworld and buy their vests or wear leggings for daily riding (I have ridden in leggings plenty of times but seriously would not do it daily unless I wanted to flash the world) or wear cheap ass department store jackets in the winter. There is a reason we pay for "horse brand" items and it's not just the logo on the front that marks us as equestrians. They hold up! They were designed to not tear when a horse grabs you, they clean easily so you don't look like Big Foot running around covered in your horse's hair, they last forever!!!

My Professional's Choice jacket is being retired to be a barn coat this year after 3 winters of wearing it as a nice coat. It's super warm and water and wind resistant. And my Ariat Terrains and my Muck winter boots last foreverrrr. I wanted new color Mucks so I gave my old ones to Mom and she is still wearing them and they are 10 years old! My 10 year old Carhartt finally bit the dust and only because I was stuffing my large pregnant belly in it. I have one pair of Kerrits winter breeches that I've worn the crap out of for 7 years yet are still kicking! 

the Carhartt, Kerrits and Mountain Horse boots
Actually, the Mountain Horse boots were disappointing. One winter killed them. Like they just fell right around around the foot bed. Super comfy until water and snow was leaking in..........

So what do you think? "Horse brand" crap vs department store?

the vest again, a few years ago


  1. Horse brands really do hold up better... I wish they weren't so pricey but I understand why!

  2. I actually have a gap vest that has pulled double duty as a nice normal vest and a barn vest since approx 2003. Still looks great! Generally I agree about quality : you get what you pay for. Tho there are still some equestrian brands that tick up the price without backing it up with quality....

    1. That's awesome! I can't seem to make non-horse brand clothes last like horse brand do.

  3. I definitely enjoy value shopping, so getting more expensive items I know will last is always the best option