Friday, July 20, 2018

Farrier Blues

My horses have need their feet done for 3 weeks. All have thrown their shoes and have chips from stomping. Curtis is doing ok-ish with Keratex Hoof Hardener but he's still takes a sore step every now an then. Rascal does ok other than the chips in his feet and I won't do anything more on Twister right now than hop on bareback and walk around. They're a mess.

And our usual guy has been a no call no show twice. And I think we need to find a new guy. Which I hate. Because even though it's hard to get our usual guy out here, he does an awesome job once you get him out here.

Wednesday night

Sore tootsies or not, I had the best ride on Curtis yesterday. There was weed eating going on, lots of loud, scary noises, which Rascal was being all stupid about with my 2 year old on him even though he usually never bats an eye. And Curtis didn't even look in the direction of the scary. I wish I had pics, because he was so good.

Also Wednesday

And I bought a dressage saddle. Should be here next week. Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain for days and days starting tonight so I'll be lucky to have dry ground to ride in it on.


  1. We have a heck of a time finding reliable farriers here too. Good luck, hope the saddle is perfect! :)

  2. Ugh I hate when people don't show up! Fingers crossed you get him out there soon :)