Saturday, August 4, 2018

August Goals

So a few days late but I thought I should do this post because I'm actually riding on a normal basis and training up for something as opposed to how I've spent most of the nice weather this year: hacking and messing around, riding infrequently.

-Continue riding 5-6 days a week (Curtis, and getting on Twister when possible because between the two of them I'm going to have gorgeous legs just in time for leggings and hoodie weather lol)

-Get more stretchy, bendy around my leg strides per circles until we can do a whole circle

-Pick up the left lead canter without brawling.

-Ride him around the back field alone, calmly, no spooking or bolting back to the barn ✔
        -Did this today and he was awesome. He looked at things but walked nice and relaxed the whole lap and didn't pull back to the barn. Tomorrow we do it in the evening when neighbors are out to be scary 

-Go to a lesson! I can take them on Mondays literally 2 miles away. So I just need to hook up and go. I think having some advice and instruction from someone on the ground will be a huge help.

I'm keeping it simple. Yes, I want to go to a dressage show in November. But I need to just do one thing at a time and build on it.

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