Tuesday, August 21, 2018

OTTB's Have the Best Lead Changes

They really do. Because it's been so mushy by the barn where my "arena" is set up, I haven't been able to canter in over a week. Not a big deal. It makes it hard for me to get him to stretch out and down at the trot. But it's just so much fun and we have to start working on coming back to a nice trot after cantering eventually if I plan to do Training Level 1. It's not so much the area where there's grass, it's the bare clay/soil from where the water line went in that trips us up. Literally. It's very slippery when the least bit wet.


Curtis and I have been having very nice walk-trot rides. He's still a bit stubborn off my left leg but we're working on it and he does better when I DON'T carry a dressage whip (usually it's just for flies but I forgot it one day and realized it annoys him for me to have it so.......). Personally, I've been really focusing on fixing my chair seat. It's terrible.

selectively chose a pic where we weren't at our worst...

Last night I wasn't even going to ride him because it was almost dark, but it's going to rain and storm all day today so I tacked up. It was also dry and after we did our lateral work and some transitions, I asked him to canter. He picks up the right lead perfectly. Which surprises me because that's the bad leg. His left lead is harder to get. I cranked his head around and kicked up over up into the left lead from his canter on the right lead and he did such a flawless change I hardly even felt it. I still can barely get Twister to do flying changed even when I'm stabbing him with a spur. But Curtis just went right into it.

i really need someone to come get decent pics of us

His canter is great and very easy and fun to ride. We worked on just having a steady beat and getting into a smaller circle (we start out using the whole arena and eventually cut down to about 30m). After the lead change I actually whooped and told him good boy and laughed and my neighbors all probably think I'm nuts but he's just so much fun.

sure, he looks asleep until he starts to gallop up the hill....

On the Twister front, we're training for another hunter pace. Because we all want to make time this time around. He trains like a 4 year old racehorse and I need either another bridle or another set of reins so I can use a stronger bit on him and easily change bits between riding him and Curtis. I jumped him last night a few times and did some area work a couple nights ago. I think he needs to come to a dressage show in November too.

ignore me. just look at the beast.

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