Wednesday, August 29, 2018

This is not the dining room table....

....yet here I am, day after day, sitting in a chair.

I HATE THE CHAIR SEAT POSITION. I hate that even though I feel like my legs and core are stronger than they have been in nearly 3 years, I am still getting this ugly seat.

I think part of it is my saddle. Wintec Pro dressage saddle. But.... I learned to ride in an eq/hunter barn, where no matter what you were riding in, you learned to have proper eq and a classical seat. So I feel like there is no excuse.

It's all fun and games until I start really needing my leg for lateral work or to just get either of them to not cut corners. Then up into the chair they go.

I did the thing and asked a dressage group because, no, I haven't taken a lesson yet. Which I really really should. So much so. 2 miles down the road. No excuses, really. They said the saddle needed to be lifted up in the front, drop my irons a hole or 2, stop shoving my heel down (this has always come quite naturally to me and I find it hard to fight...) and use my core to stabilize my seat. I've been working on all of this. I've been doing leg and core work outs about every other night as well. It's still not pretty but maybe in 2 months, I can be a little less ugly at our first show.

I'm going to take off the flex irons because I think they encourage it in this saddle. Their better for short stirrups in my cc saddle. And I really wish I had someone to take proper pics.......


  1. The saddle looks too big for you which probably isn't helping. Saddles are the WORST to find a good one.

    1. It might be. I probably need a 17.5 not an 18.... I took a lesson in my cc today but next time I'll ride in the dressage saddle and see what the trainer thinks about it.