Wednesday, April 3, 2019


We had so much time off over the winter. Even if Curtis didn't impale himself we would have had so much time off. I can't keep doing this every winter and ever progress.

 He remembers things but loses all his muscle to be able to do things consistently. I do have a trailer now and could go to T's a a couple times a week to ride. I just have to make myself do it or we will never progress through the levels.

What I am struggling with (again) is my hands. Keeping them quiet. I feel like I am but when I watch playback they are all over. I've had all kinds of advice and watched all sorts of YouTube videos and read books. Part of it is my seat. Which had improved as of November but with several months off, went to shit again. No amount of off horse core work can make I'm up for actual saddle time.

(Breaking in tall boots....still. Why are they still so stiff? 😩)

If you read this, tear me apart and give me your advice. I need to schedule a lesson but I'm not sure if I'll have time before our ride a test in 2 weeks. It's only $26 for it and I mainly want to use it as a please don't be stupid experience. The biggest goal in 2 weeks is to get SJ out on leadline with her "pony". She's so excited.

Cutest salute ever

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