Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Monday jumpies

Last Tues I rode at T's and Curtis was perfect. Even got him in the creek with T's help. Then he had 4 days off due to rain and Saturday he was full of it. Crow hopping and bucking. Good stuff. I stayed on we finished on a good note. And Sunday he was great again and yesterday we went to T's again.

Jan (top) vs June (bottom)

This kid is a pro over there now. It's his home away from home. We warmed up nicely and jumped our 1st full course even though I'm sure it looked terrible and it was a trot-canter mix. At least he was behaved.

And then I got to ride T's mare. That was a blast. I was leg-yielding without even meaning to because she is so sensative. I want to show her now 😂

And we got talking about Curtis and how he is really sensative and while he knows his job and works well he's a bit adhd. Which I just attributed to him being a tb. But I came home and did some research and I'm ruling out ulcers and believe he is probably magnesium deficient. He ticks many of the boxes for it and only 1 for ulcers. And I'm putting him on a magnesium supplement anyways so hopefully I see some results.

When mom is riding another horse
and you jelly

T, D and I are going to a show in 2 weeks. Them to actually show and me to school Curtis. I'm picking up my 50lb bag of magnesium tomorrow and am going to start loading him up.

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  1. Aw he looks great!! Sounds like the perfect outing ;)