Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mushyness and other stuff

I don't want to gross you all out with the mushy-ness. But I finally got my person to agree to take some "engagement" type photos with me. M took them. I even bathed the ponies last night and rinsed them in baby oil  so they'd stay clean. 

dysfunctional human/cat/dog family

my favorite. #photobomb! 

Both horses were very well behaved. Rascal would eat grass, Twister would try to take it out of his mouth. Also, Rascal needs his teeth done. He gets a little pissy when he can feel you in his mouth at all. Add that to the to do list. And his leg was looking better and now looks the same again..... I stopped using Furazone for ONE DAY and it all went to hell. That'll teach me to change my treatment plan. And also he feels off on his right front. I think it might just be a bruised foot though so lather on the turpentine....

And.... my person and I are off to the track this afternoon to maybe claim a horse. He's a good looking sonofagun and has been running well his whole life. So we'll see!