Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Time for a new blog?

I have hardly done anything with any of my horses the last month. I miss riding and while my energy level is starting to come back, I haven't had time to ride with all the other things going on. I wish I had more trails. Or maybe my neighbor will let me ride the edge of his hay fields. I can make a lap of my farm, including a lap of each big field in 10 minutes. Maybe my person and I need to trailer somewhere and ride.... something harder to do now with him taking more time at the track because Curtis is there.

A lot of the observations and things I want to more or less journal about during a day are things having to do with the little ball of life growing inside me. How it feels, thoughts about the future. Things that, no offense at all, but that most of you won't understand because you've vowed never to have children for exactly this reason..... there goes your riding!


I was riding 4 times a week and Twister's dressage and flat work was at an all time high. Now, If I rode I'd have to fight with him to keep him off his forehand and soft. It will be a year or more before I get back into competition riding..... and by that time I may not get back into it. My priorities are changing and while it is taking some getting used to, I don't mind at all. It's all so incredibly worth it.

also fat but not quite as fat

So maybe it's time I start a new page and start "mommy blogging". Pretty sure if I start mommy blogging on my equestrian blog I'd have no followers by tomorrow.

can you see the little bumpie?

I'll post here now and then. I will still do things with the horses, just not as often. And we might be claiming another horse, that is if I can fill out the tag properly........ and I'll have to share about him and his races. And Curtis if he makes it.

Now there's another thing. Curtis. He may not make it as a racehorse. And he'll have to find a new home if he doesn't. If I wasn't preggers I would snatch him up and start his retraining and event with him. Maybe get in a late fall dressage show for practice. But there is no way it makes sense right now.... to have a horse that sits for how long? A year? 2? I'm not done eventing forever, but it might be a while before I get back into it.

This all being said, I love you all very much as a community of like-minded riders. You're support and feedback have been great the last 2 years or so. And I will be looking forward to reading your stories, struggles and triumphs. But I'll spare you mine if they aren't horse-related.

if it cooled off some i'd actually think it was fall here


  1. i don't blame you a bit for shifting priorities, and obvi the horses will always be there when/if you refocus again

    1. I think my person thinks I'm scared to ride but honestly I've just been too tired. I want to ride but even when/if I start riding more in the coming weeks they will be relaxing rides not training rides. ya know?