Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Review, September Goals

I'm not even going to look at what my goals were for August because I'm pretty sure I accomplished none of them. I didn't XC school, I'm not going to any HTs. I'm not even jumping. We have been focusing on our flat work and dressage. Twister is getting more and more consistent.... or maybe it's ME that is getting more consistent. I've been [mostly] really happy with our flat work.

i need to work on MY seat. he looks awesome though!

So here are my September goals based on my new incubating status.

1. Find time for my person and I to take that trail ride at the lake

2. get more creative with trot pole work.

3. Before it's too late and I'm giant, strengthen my sitting canter. My canter, not performed in half seat is terrible. Embarrassing actually. I'm not too bad in a western saddle. But bounce around like a fish out of water in an English saddle. I need to slap on my xc vest, drop my irons and learn to stop cantering ugly.

4. Hire some help.... aka M.... and get the barn all cleaned up and ready for winter. This mean knocking down cobwebs, cleaning under stall mats (blegh!) cleaning and storing all leather tack in the tack room, which also will be cleaned , organizing and cleaning the feed room, leveling the shed row, etc etc etc.....

Confo shot!
So even though he has been mostly muzzle free for weeks now and is only being ridden 3-ish times a week (if I'm really feeling zesty), he still looks pretty great. not too fat. Lots of muscle (I wish you should see the neck muscles but he kept shaking at flies and moving his mane) and an improved topline.

His feet have been a bit of a handful, brittle and tender. I really need  a professional touch up, but seeing as I will eventually be unable to do his feet myself, I'm going to do them on my own as long as possible before I have to start paying to have them done.



  1. i like your goals - esp that first one ;) also Twister looks fabulous!

  2. Great goals! I'm reading this book called 100 ground exercises right now, it's for my young horses but might be handy for you if you get to a point where you are feeling too big to ride. I see improvement in the confo shots! I keep meaning to do those :)

    1. i'll have to get that book! isn't there one that has all sorts of different cavaletti exercises too??