Saturday, April 15, 2017

Rascal the Rockstar

I borrowed a bareback pad from E to use on Rascal so I could ride him. Not that I need one but it certainly helps. Helps me grip, gives me something to hold on to, just in case, and helps me not be covered in Yeti hair.

So I set up a little obstacle course for him and the last 3 days I've been trying my damnedest to find something that will make him hesitate. So far nothing! He's been amazing. I lunge him about 5 minutes before getting on (today we lunged over a x-rail and ummm awesome!) and then we do some walk-trot. He doesn't have much mouth but that's a bit of being green and hardly ridden and a bit of needing his teeth done.

We added the tarp on day 2 and today I added my pallet bridge and a walk down the driveway. Now every single ride, Twister is losing his shit the the paddock right next to us. When we went down the driveway he was careening around the paddock like a fucking idiot. Rascal did not care one bit. Twister is the clingy girlfriend, obviously. He is also extremely jealous. And I feel bad. Because I've had so much fun riding this little kid. Twister needs some loving. Riding loving. None of this grooming, mane-pulling shit.

See Twister running the fence??

Anyways.... I was going to wear spurs and maybe I still should, but Rascal has been doing good with leg or occasionally heel jab. We have a LONG way to go but considering he's been ridden like 10 times since September 2015, I'm really happy. I really want to take him on a little trail ride. But first we need a saddle. Because I'm not riding him bareback. I would die. I've improved quite a bit since last time I rode Rascal but I am not ready for a bareback ride!

Oh and I almost forgot the best part!! This kid fights backing up when he's being ridden like nobody's business. So as you can see in the video, I have a neck strap and use it to ask him to back up and it worked great.

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