Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wasting this Awesome Weather

Those of you that are friends with me on Facebook and Instagram know this already.... the other day Twister decided to get a loose shoe. My person was mowing the lawn and Twister and Rascal decided that because they haven't seen a mower since October it was clearly going to eat them and were pretty much breezing around their field. The jackwagon even had bellboots on. But that evening I went out to brush him and pull his mane and pick his feet and he has a loose shoe. So no riding. And I could ride Rascal. Because it has been gorgeous out. And 80s the next few days. But I don't really have a saddle that fits him. My English saddle fits him ok-ish. But is really better for a horse with a gigantic shoulder and also shark fin withers.

So the plan is to try and get in a couple bareback rides on him. Even if we are only walking. I can at least work on lightness and not grazing every step of the way.

The farrier is supposed to come back and fix Twister's shoe and put Curtis' shoe back on (he lost one like 3 days after they were put on!) but he hasn't been by yet.

And because I need a photo for this post, check out how ugly Twister's mane looks. I got a little crazy with the pulling. Not my best mane ever. That's ok. It'll grow. q

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  1. Aw boo :( my guy sprung a shoe too tho luckily we got it fixed today