Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Anyone know what this is?

This is on Facebook and I like it and I think it will fit Twister after asking a million questions. But what is it? I think it's an old pro trainer.


  1. Google auto filled it to "saddleline by Thornhill" and said Thornhill is an English saddle maker known for having good "bang for your buck" and fitting many horses. In my searches, most English saddles were wool flocked and had a broader gullet channel than comparable French saddles.

    When I was saddle shopping I googled basically everything bc there was guaranteed to be a COTH thread dedicated to exactly that thing. Might be worth a few searches! Good luck!!!

    1. Here's one thread that might be useful to you:

    2. Thank you!!! I sat in a few like 4 years ago at Rolex but this one looks a bit older. And that thread basically makes it sound like I'll either love it or hate it. LOL! I have one shot at this. I'd rather get a Wintec or Tekna but finding even a used in my budget is not looking so good....

  2. Emma is a genius! Looks like a nice saddle :)