Saturday, April 13, 2019

I hate saddles

Ended up at the tack shop today. Just for fun I sat in my saddle but a half size smaller. And I'm pretty sure I need a smaller seat size. The smaller saddle felt amazing. More secure. Not that my saddle isn't comfortable but I've had a lot of problems for almost a year now that I've blamed on leg and core weakness. I've spent all winter trying to stay semi fit and have done a better job of it this year than most. But maybe at least half of it is that I'm swimming in a saddle that is too big. So after this little show I'm going to see about trading my 18" for a 17.5". I'll call around to some of the consignment tack shops in Lexington before I try to deal with Facebook nonsense.

I also need a smaller gullet plate for mister lost all his muscle tone this winter...


  1. i have a yellow narrow plate for sale if that's the size you're looking for ;)

    1. I'm going to try a medium 1st. I just ordered one and I'm hoping it gets here Wed so I can ride with it a few times and see how it goes.

  2. Saddle fitting is the worst :(