Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Choosing Tests

I need to place my entry asap for the show on the 11th. I've been getting plenty of riding time and Curtis feels great. He's looking fantastic too. Actually, they all are. Especially Twister who no longer looks like a borderline rescue case. His age showed this winter and he will be getting senior feed all winter from now on.

I need to pick my 2 tests to ride. I think I can handle 2 tests plus hoof it for SJ's leadline. I should have some help and if not then I will scratch a class when I get there.

I desperately wanted to do Intro C or Training 1. But our canter transitions turn into a gallop at the track. He starts out calm for our first transition each way and when we go all the way around. But when I try to trot-canter-trot-canter-trot-walk-trot-canter-etc he gets hot on me. He jumps into the canter and I have a hard time keeping him on the 20m circle even for the half circle of canter required for Intro C. He gets beastly. I don't think I'm going to fix any of those problems in the next 10 days or so. I'd love to run over to T's and see how he behaves off the farm in a proper arena but rain is coming and I wouldn't have time before I needed to enter.

In all other things, Curtis has been great. Our walk-trot-walk transitions are beautiful (finally). And although he juts his nose out the moment he comes to a halt, the transition to halt is smooth and square. I'll figure out how to keep him on the aids while halted eventually.

Side note.... why am I just now getting into the sunshirt game???? I am super fair-skinned and even when I'm tan...ish and have sunscreen on I burn. I should have a huge ass collection of them by now but I'm just figure it out. I got a few SmartPak brand ones at the event previously known as Rolex and I have a Dublin brand one from RW coming in the mail. And I think Imma have to get more.

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