Thursday, April 18, 2019

Pre Show Stuff - edited

A show that gives ride times several days in advance? Awesome. It being gorgeous all week just to have it be cold and rainy on show day? Not awesome. The fact that my scrawny thoroughbred has put on some weight and top line? Also awesome.

Not the best angle but he is
starting to get his summer bod💪

Honestly I would scratch if it was just my test we'd be missing because in my old age I've become a fair weather show-er. SJ is so freaking excited to take her "beautiful pony" to a show that I guess we'll just tough it out. Can't be raising no sissy 😂

I know this is a tiny schooling show. Very low-key. But I always get major pre-show jitters. Buy having to get SJ ready and worry about her and ironically kept me calm. It's so weird.

And now I'm like 99.9% sure we're scratching because I don't want SJ's 1st show and her tender little age to be a freezing, raining mess.


  1. oh man, i know EXACTLY what you mean tho about having someone else that needs help somehow being calming. obvi i don't have a kid, but when i've had other friends that needed an extra hand at shows or whatever, it's helped keep me distracted from worrying about my own stuff lol. you guys are gonna have a blast tho!! take lots of pics ;)

    1. We totally scratched. It's not even 40 here and rainy. They were amazing enough to just roll over SJ's entry to the show 3 weeks from now and I'll have to reenter Curtis. I guess all the leadliners bailed out and no one blamed them.