Thursday, December 11, 2014

Needs More Lessons

I got on and has a decent more thank 10 minute ride today. I have a whole new dressage set but I can't use it because the stupid holes on my billets are so narrow the girth won't go through them. So I'll have to fix that before I can ride in it.
I put on  my bright yellow safety vest and jogged to the dead end and back again. Then I went in the front paddock and tried to work on our dressage at a walk.... still too wet to trot or canter and probably will be until May...............
I was trying my very best to do the things I'd learned from Silke White at the clinic last month. Twister was light and bendy and moving off my leg nicely to the right with tons of pull release and licking and chewing. Go left and it was like I wasn't even freaking on him. Note to self next time wear spurs!!!!!!! It didn't help that I was in my jumping saddle. So I did what any good trainer would tell me to do.... drop my irons and lengthen my leg. Let me tell you right now, I was sore and shaking after making Twister remember that yes, I was friggen in the saddle asking him to do something! Proof of my non-participation in No-stirrup November. Hell, I hardly ever rode in November. But I finally got some nice pony to the left.
This was my first real ride in like 3 or 4 weeks. Thanks to work and absolute crappy weather. Today, however, the sun was out. So I did what any self-respecting equestrian would do.... leave work early, hurry home and saddle up! Kinda cranky I didn't get any pics. By the time I started working on our bendyness it was too dusky to take any decent pics.

On another note... touched up Twister's feet. Have to give a shout out to Carly for the recommendation on her blog about the Hoof Heal. I use it twice a week and his feel already look better and were much harder to file. Thrush is coming back though. Note to self, buy more iodine.

What you can't see in these pics is the improved concavity.
And just because... here is a pic of my puppy sleeping. What you can't hear is him snoring like a logging crew........


  1. aww that puppy is out for the count! glad your ride went mostly well too. i pretty much fail at riding without stirrups ... esp bc it makes me feel so insecure that i can't really do my job very well. needs work, i guess...

    1. I'd feel more secure if I wasn't so out of shape! I could feel the burn everywhere, legs top to bottom and abs. If I get stuck riding in the shedrow all winter I'll just take the irons right off my saddle.......