Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Santa, All I want for Christmas is.......

I've done my fair share of tack trading this past year. I'm not worried about saddles and bridles, I think I have all the tack I need for Twister right now. Fatass ran 3rd at Turfway Saturday so my guess is I have another year until I need to accumulate tack for him. So here are some things I'd love to get for Christmas that I probably never will........... One can dream though, can't she?!

An arena. I have a shedrow that goes around my stalls. ALWAYS dusty as hell and boring too. And usually there is a freaking trailer parked on one side of it, meaning I can't ride there even if I wanted to.......... I don't want a HUGE arena. I want a little 20mx40m so I can practice our dressage skillz, canter and even do a little jumping. The arena I trained in back home in NY was 20x40 and you can get a 5 jump course in there no problem. Plus I have 7 other acres to put jumps on if I suddenly inherit more than the 5 I have....... I want something that's sand and synthetic mix. So it won't get TOO muddy and I can ride in it even when it's so cold my snot freezes to my face..... See photo below for an example.... I don't even need a board fence. Though that would be handy in keeping the pasture friends OUT of it while I ride. Last time I rode with Curtis turned out where I was riding I spent more time chasing him off with my dressage whip than I did riding......... Not to mention that this would be great for starting TBs, whether they be ours or a client horse. All around an arena would be an epic win. So who wants to fund mine?!?!?

Also, I would like some new jumps to put IN my new arena. XC jumps or arena jumps. Just things to jump! My ghetto pallet jumps are awesome but hey, if I get a nice new arena, I'll need decent jumps right?? Only my jumps need to look scarier than those below. I like to make my horse jump ALL the scary things.

And I want a ditch. Because Twister HATES ditches. So I need a big ditch built in a back paddock to practice on 789987656789876 times and while the ditch diggers are out there, I need some steps as well. Oh, and a pond. My horses and dogs would REALLY love a pond..... and the pond can be right off the steps.
Don't forget the ditch!!!!!

Late addition to my Christmas list..... I WANT A DAMN RUN-IN SHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I WILL get one, in the next 6 months OR ELSE!!!