Sunday, December 28, 2014

Small Improvements

Because I had to help my man (now officially my fiance!!!!) fix our trailer on Friday I missed the 60 degree riding weather. I was super bummed. It was sunny and warm and felt like May. Rained all day yesterday and even though it's damp and chilly today my friend and I still got in a little ride. It will hold me over until Wednesday or Thursday.

I'm really happy with Twister. He's a smart cookie and knows what each set of tack means. If I threw his jumping saddle on and put a 3 ring in his mouth he'd know that we were going to jump. If we saddle up western he knows we're just hacking out and he can look like a giraffe if he so desires and finally he knows that a dressage saddle and any snaffle bit with a flash means it's time to carry himself and be round and pretty and engage his ass end. And when I mount up in our dressage saddle and ask for that poll release he does exactly as asked and we can go all the way down the road and back looking like we should be doing a change of rein across the diagonal in the middle of a training level test. I'm hoping I can find some winter dressage shows to test our limited skills at this winter!

Best buds

forgot to lengthen my stirrups to compensate for the thick soled  boots.....

And Mr Footsore wasn't even sore. Walked across the new gravel in the driveway without so much as a funny step. He thought it was going to hurt him but it didn't. He's just a wuss. I do need to trim his feet. I could have done that today but I got lazy. Luckily his feet aren't growing like weeds right now and I can trim them every 2 or 3 weeks without them getting bad. Unlike summer where if I don't trim them every 6 or 7 days they're a mess........


  1. Lovely pics. I'm so jealous that you have no snow!

  2. cool that he knows the difference in tack! i wonder about that sometimes - (esp when i'm trying to rationalize buying a separate bridle for dressage lol)... exciting about maybe looking for some shows too!