Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brief Hoof and Puppy Update

This past week I did LOTS of research like I was back at Coby writing crappy term papers. I am going to put Twister on a multivit that has both copper and Vit E in it and continue his Essential K from Tribute which also has those as well. Have been cleaning and doctoring feet daily. Not sure if they're getting better? It's only been a week though. The trimmer gave me Clean Trax to soak him in... epic fail. So I'm going to go back to soaking in apple cider vinegar.

Puppy hasn't been to the vet yet. Both dogs are going next week.... I can't wait to see that vet bill.....

But the research I've been up to is about the use of coconut oil. At first I was just researching for Roader (my old man dog with possible everything issues....) It is supposed to help weight gain and liver and kidney issues and help regulate a facacta thyroid. It aids in digestion and absorption of minerals. I read that last part and went wtf then why isn't my horse on it?!


Bam. Went to Walmart and stocked up! It will help Twister get the most out of all his hoof supplements AND the research says that it helps kill fungal infections!!!!!!!! I KNOW it won't help over night. But it's a start! And my old man is on it too as of yesterday. And the pup gets a bit too.... I'm hoping it will help make him smell less like rotten eggs during our cuddles at night....

Anyone else have experience feeding coconut oil to your horse or doggy?


  1. i haven't personally tried using coconut oil for anything, but have heard tons of good stuff about it. Beka from The Owls Approve wrote about it here ( if you are interested in more uses beyond feeding it

  2. There's coconut oil in a product called "Cocosoya" (SUPER expensive, much more expensive than soy oil and possibly more expensive than both combined) and there's coconut meal in a few feeds that are specifically for bulking up. Let us know how it goes!!

    1. I saw that but wasn't sure about the soybean oil in it. Have heard that it's not always the best to feed. I'm going to talk to my trimmer about it and see what he thinks. It'd be easier to feed that way anyways.