Sunday, February 1, 2015

Name of the Game...

Everyone pretty much knows we have racehorses. Last night So So Worth It raced in his first claiming race. We didn't want to drop him down but he wasn't competitive at the level he was racing at. Having him claimed is a risk you take when you enter a claiming race. I am seriously going to miss that kid. I wrote on the back of his papers that if he EVER needed a home to call us and put our numbers on it. I would take him back in a heart beat for ANY reason. I am really hoping to get him back someday. I am really hoping the people who claimed him take good care of him. He is a really great horse. I cried when we handed him over.

last fall, snuggling with fatass

on our way to the track,.... :(

On another note......

I remembered to do a February conformation pic! Twister has lost a few pounds since January but he's not skinny so I'm pretty happy. Winter should be coming to close, so it's time to lose the blubber and tone up. I'm thinking I'm going to clip him the first week in March.

that's better..... need to work on that topline.

why you taking pictures? i needs lunch!

We had to ride in the shedrow today. Something that I hate doing so much I almost just DIDN'T ride. But we did some shoulder in's (apparently the worst thing ever according to Twister) and just working on being loose and supple. I figured if I rode correctly and didn't mess with him too much he'd round up on his own (he knows enough by now that's what is expected of him) and be light and supple and for the most part, it worked. I also tried to put Roader on him. Roader was not cool with that but Twister really didn't care. If I could lift my giant-ass puppy I would have rode around with him instead.

Our new favorite bit. Has a french link mouth

stupid shed row. stupid rain. stupid mud. stupid crappy phone pics.

i wants to be with you but i don't wants to be on the horse......


  1. Claiming races are terrifying if you are not the one gaining a horse. I hope you get him back some day! He is so stinking cute!

  2. UPDATE: I FB stalked and friended his new trainer on Facebook. I am seriously going to be keeping an eye on this kid. The barn is FAR too quiet in the morning and evenings. He was always so vocal about breakfast, and dinner, and going out for a roll lol

  3. bummer about losing that adorable boy - good luck keeping up with him!!!! and glad you managed to eke out a decent ride despite the other shenanigans

  4. Sad that he claimed, but hopefully he comes back some day