Monday, February 2, 2015

Yet Another Unproductive Monday

I had almost a 3 day weekend, and do I come to work and be productive? No. I sit here and read everyone's weekend blogs and watch the weather to see when I should be able to get a good ride in this week. And I spent more than a long time editing my blog layout (feedback?). It's cold here and winds gusting at like 30mph but I wish I was riding (the sun is sporadically out!). That's what Carhartts are for! Also, I got in touch with some ladies that were interested in buying Fatass before he got claimed. They wanted to event him! She sent me some show bills for some hunter paces and mini trials in Indiana. Super exited! And I Facebook stalked Fatass' new trainer/owner and friended her on Facebook. But have I completed a single thing on my to-do list? Nope. And now I feel like watching replays of the HITS Grand Prix from this weekend.

Did anyone out there get anything done this lovely Monday morning?