Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Am I Crazy Enough...??

....To take the greenie out???

I have been painting Twister's feet 2x a day and last night I have him 1g bute. And this am he was still very sore. To the point where I don't think shoes are going to help him or make it fair enough to ride him Sunday.

Which leaves me with Curtis. Am I brave enough to take Curtis to a hunter pace, trotting and galloping along with 3 other horses? I'd wear a vest. And use rings. And maybe even give him a pill. And lunge him a lot before we got going.

I think it's Curtis or scratch. And even if I take Curtis I still might have to scratch. Maybe he'll shock me and be awesome. Probably will. Like 90% sure he will. But that 10%......

Twister is an ass galloping xc. But I've been riding him 7 years and know all his tricks and he doesn't phase me. I'm still learning Curtis. But hell, why not learn him at the Horse Park with hundreds of other horses, right?

EDIT TO ADD.... wrote this and a few hours later bought some Quietex on the strong urging of a bestie who says it's better than and ace pill. Fingers crossed!

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