Friday, September 7, 2018


I planned to write about how August went and what the next month was going to look like. But something my person said had my thinking I'd write about something a little more long term. He said something about am I just riding to ride and go out to a show just to see people or do I actually have a goal, if I'm going to spend money on lessons etc.


3 months ago

I spent the next couple days thinking about it. Because I do have goals. I try not to think too far ahead. I may be a stay at home mom but I'm pretty busy and it's hard to do much off farm riding with a toddler. My crew has gotten bigger since we moved. The boys are closer and my person is home a bit more. But it's still hard. But I decided to have serious goals without a concrete timeline. 

Curtis has potential that Twister doesn't. He's smooth and a pretty mover and driven by any sort of work routine. Twister loves to work, but he'd rather do a lot of galloping, ponying, jumping and trail riding. Don't get me wrong. I'm not knocking Twister at all. He's priceless and has given his all for me time and again. He's my heart  horse.

throwback to his last race, seeing as KY Downs opened yesterday

I want to take Curtis through the levels. Mainly as a dressage horse. I want to do recognized shows within the next 2 years. Next year I'd like to do 2-3 shows with him at least. I don't just want to go to shows, I want to do well. This is obvious to any of you who show, but apparently to my person, it's not. Like putting a horse in a race because they just need the race for a blow out or experience even if you know they won't run well. Not the case here. I'm not paying wads of money to know I'm going to score poorly.....It's about beating my last score. About putting on my big girl panties and doing the thang when my gut is in knots and and getting through it and being able to say I didn't give up and finished the job. A person sense of achievement. 

I'm a full time mom. I'm going to homeschool. But that doesn't mean that a mom is all I am. I'm still a horsewoman and equestrian with goals. 

 In the spring I want to start him over jumps and do a baby starter at the very least. I'm sure he'd be fine to start over jumps now but I work slow with horses and I want to really have a solid foundation on everything flatwork before starting. Also to make sure his right leg is ready for it. 

so. much. to. work. on.

I'm not the gustiest jumper anymore and don't want that to be our main focus like it was with Twister. I want to have a well trained, well broke horse my daughter can ride in 4-5 years because she LOVES Curtis and when you ask which horse is hers she says "my Curtis". I want a horse I can do anything with, like I can with Twister, so that if SJ is riding her appy and my person is riding Twister, I have a horse to ride that I can trust to take anywhere. But I want to compete also. And for the first time since highschool, I want to be consistent and move up through the levels.



  1. Nice goals ! It can be hard to really seriously get them down on paper, esp bc it isn’t always obvious esp to other people why something means so much to us and can keep driving us forward. But that’s always the way, isn’t it haha

  2. That sounds really exciting! :)