Monday, December 1, 2014

New Farm Dog

Okay so this really doesn't have anything to do with horses.......

I don't know if I mentioned it, but over a month ago we lost our big moose dog, Lola. We were going to stick to our guns and wait until warmer weather to find Roader a new friend. But after seeing how much fun our neighbors dogs all have running around their farm together, Sergio and I decided to start looking for a new dog. Rescue after rescue turned us down because we have "farm dogs". In Louisville they turn you down just because you live in Bullitt County. I found a 6 month old lab on Craigslist, to a good home. He is the best little puppy. The wife wears the pants and made the guy give up the dog because she is a deranged person that hates all animals. Ranger isn't even a bad puppy as far as monsters go. Lola was a disaster, biting, chewing, eating shoes and vacuum cords and hoof picks. Everything had to be put up about 8 ft in the air. She'd jump and knock you on your ass. Bite you behind the knee and drop you like an antelope. Ranger doesn't jump, hardly chews on  you, almost always sticks to his toys (he ate a bathing sponge, tried to eat my NEW winter boots and thought about playing tug with the DeWalt battery charger....) has great manners and plays so nice with Roader. Their loss is my gain, though and a dog hater doesn't deserve to share a house with a little guy as nice as Ranger. My cats are less than thrilled that I introduced a new fuzz ball to the family, but they'll live. Wait until it gets good and cold, Pedro will be all curled up with Ranger.

While I miss my big old moose girl very much, this chunk of a puppy is growing on me. He reminds me a lot of Lola actually. I think that was meant to be. I'm glad I didn't miss out on getting Ranger and that of all the calls his previous owner got about him, he picked us to be Ranger's new mommy and daddy.

Here are some shots of Ranger's first weekend with us........

"Come HERE fuzz ball!"
"What you want doggie? You chase me, I beats you up!"

"Dog, you look stupid."

"Kitty we da same color! We brother and sister!"


  1. He looks like he fits right in!

  2. sorry about losing your other dog - but this guy seems like such a sweetie! glad he's settling in well :)

  3. Thanks all! he is a sweetie and a bit of a monster but his predecessor was far worse!!! and my old man dog loves him. which is the most important part!