Sunday, February 8, 2015

Riding Weekend

Rode everyday this weekend. Friday was a bareback after work and cantered down the only dry and drained patch of land on my 7 acres. I almost got bucked off but I hung in there! I think being bareback actually helped! And Saturday I saddled up and cantered down the dry place and did some dressage schooling. Twister was lazy and would not stretch out. Also his feet might be a little sore. But he wasn't pushy or too terribly heavy on the forehand. And after 2 weeks of mostly just walking every time we rode, I was happy with our trot work. Our canter was pretty upright and controlled too and we haven't cantered in months. So I was super thrilled! This horse loves to work and was really happy for all the attention and under saddle work.

Lazy pony. Next time wear spurs. STRETCH PONY!

Nowwww he's forward.....

We even popped over a cross rail. Twister was sooooo excited when he saw the jump we kinda launched. Glad my irons were too long or I might have gotten popped on his neck.


My friend was over and she took lots of pictures. It's not often I get pics of me riding that I didn't take with a camera timer.  Our second time over was much better. I wish the ground was drier so that we could jump something decent. 

do it again do it again do it again!

My friend did a mini photo shoot for me of Twister and the doggies. 

Puppy loves ponies!

Roader wants to be near me, but not on the horse

calling all my boys


Curtis and Ranger... best buds!

Then today I went on a little trail ride with my neighbor on her land. Twister was fine until my other neighbor came down the driveway with his grater box to fill in the pot holes........ from my driveway to her, everything spooked him. He didn't chill out until 10 minutes down the trail. But calm down he did! And we even came home nicely. So I am ready for the work week! A weekend full of riding has fortified me!


  1. What an awesome weekend! Love the horse/dog photoshoot :)

  2. Aww such great pictures! I love them all running to you!

  3. omg these pictures are all sooo cute!!! glad you had a fun couple of rides :)

  4. Twister is so cute over those jumps! He sure does love it