Thursday, April 9, 2015

TOABH: 18 on the 18th

Eighteen on the Eighteenth.
In honor of Archie's 18th birthday, tell me 18 things you love about your horse.
1. I love how I've loved him from day one.

2. I love how patient he is with me, even when I'm almost falling off and ripping at his mouth in the process. He just deals.

3. I love what a total asshat he can be sometimes.

4. I love how far we've come together and how much we have both taught each other and learned together.

5. I love his personality... he has so much of it. He opens gates and sticks his nose in where it doesn't belong and is always conniving to get cookies.

So this is where the kitties sleep? Wait!
They have a heater?! No fair!!!

 6. I love how he always goes above and beyond what he is asked.
7. I love how he is always up for an adventure!
adventures in blizzards

adventures through the McDonald's drive-thru
8. I love how great he is with kids. He could be being eaten alive by deer flies and he won't move a muscle if a kid is near by.
9. I love how good he is with kitties and doggie.

10. I love how he has to over jump all the thingz!

11. I love how he also hates snow as much as I do.

12. I love how he purposely tries to look ridiculous when I pull out a camera.

13. I love how frisky he can be so randomly. Mostly he thinks it's foolish to waste too much energy.
frisky pony playing rodeo bronc in the middle...

14. I love his awkward chestnuty/sorrel coloring. Makes him unique.

15. I love his bare hooves, even though they are so much hard work and so much hard earned money to keep him sound on them.

16. I love how he always can make me smile

17. I love how he loves to give kissies

18. I love how he is my best friend and always there for me.

 BTW.... this was REALLY hard. I could do another 18 things easily....


  1. One of my goals is to teach Arch to kiss on command. It's adorable! Also, love the blizzard photo and the screw-your-Christmas photo. :)

    Thanks for joining in!

  2. so sweet!! love all his various expressions :)