Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Review, April Goals

March Review
My goal is March was to get Twister fit! We are definitely getting there. His topline doesn't look like shit anymore and he doesn't look all sunken in... having him be home alone for 3 days set him back a little. Nervous Nelly that he is.... Dressage is the hardest because I'm asking him to use muscles that he forgot he had. So we've been slowly building up our dressage rides, not doing too much at once, because I don't want him to get sore and pissy. He's able to carry himself on the bit, with his hind end tucked under for longer periods of time. I can tell when he gets tired because he lets his back get long and hollow and tucks his head like yea you see, I'm still round! Nice try, buddy.


The other thing we were working on was his feet, which are definitely looking better. Weekly trims and lots of TLC.
Front Hooves, end of March
April Goal
We are going to our first show in well over a year on the 4th. We will be doing a combined test and 2 jumper rounds. Jumping 18" and 2'. With it being so wet in my "arena" we haven't been able to practice a lot, so we're basically going to wing it. But he's pretty good at winging it with me. It's a schooling show, so my main goal is to not die. Obviously, I'm going to get us as ready as possible. Mainly, I just want Twister to have another show under his belt.

After the show it's more fitness and more hoof TLC. We need to work on our dressage WTC, especially canter. And TRANSITIONS! A lesson will have to be scheduled. And as the ground dries out some more we need to be doing small grids, and gymnastics and practicing courses at home. I also need to see if I can fit in XC school. I'm hoping for a trail ride up the dump (big giant hill that's now a hay field but back in the day was the town dump) and do some hill work and long slow gallops (Twister's fav).

Yesterday Twister jumped like a beast. We practiced 2ft/small oxers so that I know whether or not we will die at the show. We won't die but I NEED to get my leg under me more. He goes awesome in the Micklem though. I just need to be more stable. I think my leathers could go up a hole to help with that. Too much swing going on.

The first horse that has ever made Twister look small!


  1. Look at that boy go! I think you guys will be just wonderful in your show!

  2. woo hoo so excited for your show!!

  3. Holy moly, that first jumping pic! You guys look awesome, have fun at the show :)