Monday, April 13, 2015

Remedial Trailer Training....

...for my 11 year old, seasoned hauler??? We'll get to that.

What didn't I do this weekend?? Friday Twister went in the Eurosizer with the surcingle and side reins. Saturday I went to the track and helped my person plus tried to talk business with some folks. Then I was going to ride because it was gorgeous out and I was needed at the restaurant. So I did Twister's feet and knocked 20lbs of hair off him.

it doesn't even look like I got hair off him....

Baby Curtis all grown up!

Sunday, however, was the busiest day. I slept in then rode. Twister hasn't been under saddle in over a week and was a bit rank. He needed a blow out but there was no where dry enough for a good long canter. So I went to that small section of gallop lane that does drain and just let him canter back and forth then we jogged and worked on bending for a bit until he was huffing and puffing. I really wish the gallop lane was finished all the way around. Be so nice to have it............

After I rode I mowed for the first time, and it was much needed!! I also set up Twister's run-in shed area and finally moved the trailer back to where it belongs, but not before my bestie/neighbor came over to work her magic. She has a knack for getting a horse to do something it is dead set against. Like Twister not wanting to get in the trailer all of a sudden. It took a while and he got really stressed out and worked up about it. But finally we both could load him easily and have him stand there relaxed. I know I need to do this a few more times if I plan on taking him to any more shows this season.

Do All the Thingz!

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  1. busy busy busy! glad you made progress on the trailering thing tho - it's so unbelievably frustrating when they won't get on haha